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Sheet Tab


            var workbook = new XLWorkbook();
            var ws = workbook.Worksheets.Add("Sheet Tab");
            // Adding print areas

            // Adding rows to repeat at top

            // Adding columns to repeat at left
            ws.PageSetup.SetColumnsToRepeatAtLeft(1, 2);

            // Show gridlines
            ws.PageSetup.ShowGridlines = true;

            // Print in black and white
            ws.PageSetup.BlackAndWhite = true;

            // Print in draft quality
            ws.PageSetup.DraftQuality = true;

            // Show row and column headings
            ws.PageSetup.ShowRowAndColumnHeadings = true;

            // Set the page print order to over, then down
            ws.PageSetup.PageOrder = XLPageOrderValues.OverThenDown;

            // Place comments at the end of the sheet
            ws.PageSetup.ShowComments = XLShowCommentsValues.AtEnd;

            // Print errors as #N/A
            ws.PageSetup.PrintErrorValue = XLPrintErrorValues.NA;

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