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Assembly in SQL2012

Dec 9, 2013 at 4:06 PM
I had closedXml installed in SQL2008.
Now, we moved to SQL2012 which has support for NET 4.0.
I wanted to install closedXML there, but I can't install windowsBase.dll

This is from Microsoft:
" In .NET Framework 4.0, the “WindowsBase.dll” includes not only “System.IO.Packaging” but also a lot of other libraries that are UI related. As SQL Server is supposed to run as a service on a server platform, which is not desktop interactive, loading libraries like “System.Drawings” ,which is desktop interactive, could cause potential problems (eg. leaving security holes or leaking orphaned Windows handles). As the DLL runs within the SQL Server process, all these problems will directly affect the health of the whole database system."

Is it possible to build closedXML without this references, some light version?
Or is there any other solution?

br, Simon