Project Description

ClosedXML makes it easier for developers to create Excel 2007/2010 files. It provides a nice object oriented way to manipulate the files (similar to VBA) without dealing with the hassles of XML Documents. It can be used by any .NET language like C# and Visual Basic (VB).

Q: Dude, where have you been?

A: I've been making a survey app called Conspek. It's now open to the public. My hope is that it will be able to pay the bills and allow me to keep working on ClosedXML.

Q: Why a survey tool?

A: The same reason I created ClosedXML, I wasn't happy with my options. A while back I had to create a survey but all online survey apps were fiendishly hard, all so clunky, and with a million options in my face (that I would never use). So I created my own survey tool with the goal of making the experience as easy and simple as possible. Try it out and give me some feedback at ^_^

What can you do with this?

ClosedXML allows you to create Excel 2007/2010 files without the Excel application. The typical example is creating Excel reports on a web server.

If you've ever used the Microsoft Open XML Format SDK you know just how much code you have to write to get the same results as the following 4 lines of code.

            var workbook = new XLWorkbook();
            var worksheet = workbook.Worksheets.Add("Sample Sheet");
            worksheet.Cell("A1").Value = "Hello World!";

Something more elaborate:

The Documentation page has an example of how to create the following table (Showcase) as well as many other examples:



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