Inserting the MEDIAN and QUARTILE functions

Inserting more statistical functions.

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Cannot use with .Net 4

Hi, I've been trying to use ClosedXML with .NET4, I've installed the proper installation (tried a few versions), downloaded the DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll file for 4 (And for 3.5), and also tried ...

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Excel workbook corrupt after saving

I have an xlsx workbook that is used as a template. Through a ridiculous amount of coding, I have built a library using OpenXML that almost preserves all formatting of the original file after upda...

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Unreadable content in Excel file after deleting sheets

I have a template .xlsx file which I open with ClosedXML, populate with necessary info, and depending on the user options, delete some irrelevant sheets (mostly the empty ones). Then I save the fil...

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Pivot table tabular form closedxml

I am creating a Pivot Table, and I want to put the resulting table in a tabular form to show the row labels instead of the legend "row labels" and so with the columns. I have tried with (IXLPivot...

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Improve performance

Hi There is room for performance improvements in ClosedXML. To create a performance base line I updated the sandbox example in the branch

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get column name from index

To get the name of a column based on it's index, I added the following function to XlWorksheet. This will return "A3" for columnindex=1 and rowindex=3 -> the columnindex is 1-based public static...

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Export empty DataTable ignores DataColumn Caption

In the current implementation, when exporting a DataTable to excel via InsertTable method, if a DataColumn.Caption is not null or whitespace then the DataColumn.Caption string is taken into account...

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While Writing to Excel file its throwing an error "'.', hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character."

Hi All, While Writing to Excel File using the ClosedXML facing an issue. Above is the error mentioned into caption which I am getting. Have attached the Excel File which I am trying to Write by...

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When trying to retrieve value of a formula, ClosedXML throws 'Identifier Expected' Exception

I am using ClosedXML 0.76.0 to build my application, which handles Excel files. At one moment, I populate an Excel file with formulas. So far, so good. The user then gets this file and fills in...

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