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Using Rich Text

            var wb = new XLWorkbook();
            var ws = wb.Worksheets.Add("Rich Text");

Let's start with a plain text and then decorate it...
            var cell1 = ws.Cell(1, 1).SetValue("The show must go on...");


We want everything in blue except the word show (which we want in red and with Broadway Font)
            cell1.Style.Font.FontColor = XLColor.Blue; // Set the color for the entire cell
            cell1.RichText.Substring(4, 4)
                .SetFontName("Broadway"); // Set the color and font for the word "show"


On the next example we'll start with an empty cell and add the rich text
            var cell = ws.Cell(3, 1);

            // Add the text parts
                         .AddText(" BIG ").SetFontColor(XLColor.Blue).SetBold()


Here we're showing that even though we added three pieces of text you can treat them like a single one.
            cell.RichText.Substring(4, 7).SetUnderline();


Right now cell.RichText has the following 5 strings:
  1. "Hell" -> Red
  2. "o" -> Red, Underlined
  3. " BIG " -> Blue, Underlined, Bold
  4. "W" -> Red, Underlined
  5. "orld" -> Red

Of course you can loop through each piece of text and check its properties:
            foreach (var richText in cell.RichText)
                    ws.Cell(3, 2).Value = String.Format("\"{0}\" is Bold.", richText.Text);




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