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Using Lambda Expressions

We start with the basic table:


            var workbook = new XLWorkbook("BasicTable.xlsx");
            var ws = workbook.Worksheet(1);

            // Define a range with the data
            var firstDataCell = ws.Cell("B4");
            var lastDataCell = ws.LastCellUsed();
            var rngData = ws.Range(firstDataCell.Address, lastDataCell.Address);

            // Delete all rows where Outcast = false (the 3rd column)
            rngData.Rows(r => !r.Cell(3).GetBoolean()) // where the 3rd cell of each row is false
                .ForEach(r => r.Delete()); // delete the row and shift the cells up (the default for rows in a range)
            // Put a light gray background to all text cells
            rngData.Cells(c => c.DataType == XLCellValues.Text) // where the data type is Text
                .ForEach(c => c.Style.Fill.BackgroundColor = XLColor.LightGray); // Fill with a light gray

            // Put a thick border to the bottom of the table (we may have deleted the bottom cells with the border)
            rngData.LastRow().Style.Border.BottomBorder = XLBorderStyleValues.Thick;


And we end up with the following table:


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