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To use ClosedXML you must reference the DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll:

DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll for NET 4.0+

DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll for NET 3.5



How do I deliver an Excel file in ASP.NET?
Does it support Excel 2003 and prior formats (.xls)?
How can I insert an image?
Text with numbers are getting converted to numbers, what's up with that?
How do I get the result of a formula?


Showcase - No nonsense example of how to use this API
Basic Table
Hello World - Proverbial hello world program

Real world scenarios

Finding and extracting the data

Time Savers

Simplifying your life...

Performance and Memory

Turning off events
Better lambdas
Where to use the using keyword
Other performance improvements


Data Types - How to handle and convert cell's data types (Text, Boolean, DateTime, Numeric)
Creating Multiple Worksheets
Organizing Sheets
Loading and Modifying Files
Using Lambda Expressions
Cell Values
Workbook Properties
Using Formulas
Evaluating Formulas - New
Creating Rows/Columns Outlines
Hide Unhide Row(s)/Column(s)
Freeze Panes
Copying Worksheets
Using Hyperlinks
Data Validation
Hide Worksheets
Sheet Protection
Tab Colors
Conditional Formatting
Pivot Table example

Inserting Data/Tables

Copying IEnumerable Collections - Using "cell.Value = collection"
Inserting Data - Using "cell.InsertData(collection)"
Inserting Tables - Using "cell.InsertTable(collection)"
Adding DataTable as Worksheet
Adding DataSet


Styles - Alignment
Styles - Border
Styles - Fill
Styles - Font
Styles - NumberFormat
NumberFormatId Lookup Table
Style Worksheet
Style Rows and Columns
Using Default Styles
Using Colors
ClosedXML Predefined Colors
Excel Indexed Colors
Using Rich Text
Using Phonetics


Defining Ranges
Merging Cells
Clearing Ranges
Deleting Ranges
Multiple Ranges
Shifting Ranges
Transpose Ranges
Named Ranges
Accessing Named Ranges - New
Copying Ranges
Using Tables
Sorting Data
Selecting Cells and Ranges


Row Height and Styles
Selecting Rows
Inserting Rows
Inserting and Deleting Rows
Adjust Row Height and Column Width to Contents
Row Cells


Column Width and Styles
Selecting Columns
Inserting Columns
Inserting and Deleting Columns
Adjust Row Height and Column Width to Contents
Column Cells

Page Setup (Print Options)

Pages Tab
Paper Size Lookup Table
Margins Tab
Headers and Footers Tab
Sheet Tab
Print Areas and Page Breaks


Adding an AutoFilter to a Range
Filter Values
Custom Filters


Style - Alignment
Style - Colors and Lines
Style - Size
Style - Protection
Style - Properties
Style - Margins
Style - Web

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